And Now for a Helpful Tip on Color

And now for something super helpful! Do you ever find yourself wondering “what IS that gorgeous color?!?” Or maybe you wish to generate an entire palette from a photograph? Check this out:

Upload a photograph from your computer, Flickr, or Facebook account.

Big Huge Labs generates a pretty palette from your image. Not only do you get the hexadecimal numbers of the colors, but you can also generate an .ase file, which is a swatch palette that can be imported into Photoshop. The Color Palette Generator even gives your hues fun and creative names!

This and applications like it offer a huge number of possibilities for many applications…. home decorating, graphic design, painting or other artwork… I’ve found many ways to apply them to my photography.

This image was from a senior portrait session in the Dallas area – the beautiful Bonnie from Prestonwood Christian Academy.



One comment on “And Now for a Helpful Tip on Color

  1. That sight is so fun and kind of addicting!! Thank you for sharing it with us Debra!

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