Our Isis – Pet Photography Dallas, Texas

Blogging.  I love it, but you’d never know that from my track record as of late.  *blush*   Not sure why I’ve avoided it… maybe it’s the perfectionist in me!  I have so many client shoots to share and some exciting news, but to jump back in, I thought I’d share our own little cat.  Technically, she is my son Evan’s cat.  He named her Isis when she was just a tiny ball of fur, but she’s “Izzy” to me.  A dog lover all my life, I never thought it possible that I could love a cat.  But when she comes snuggling up in my lap as I drink my morning cup of coffee, contentedly purring, I think, “Yes, it’s possible to be BOTH a dog and cat person!”   One must remember, however, that even though she looks all sweetness and innocence here, she does have teeth.  And claws.  And she knows how to use them.  And somehow…. I love her anyway.

The new kitchen is still in progress, but I’m getting there.  And don’t you love my new chair?  Can’t wait to use it on an upcoming shoot!

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