The Beauty of a Woman – Women’s Portraiture, Dallas, Texas

Friendships among women…. is there any gift quite like them?  I deeply treasure those friends with whom I can laugh hysterically, cry, be ridiculously silly, and ponder the deepest depths of life.  Today, I would love for you to meet Debra – one of my dearest friends for nearly twenty years.  We have walked through so much together!  She inspires me in so many areas:  her faith, her servant’s heart, her gift with words, her mad administrative skills, her self discipline … and on and on!  I especially love her sense of humor and her contagious laugh!   She has a way of  speaking the truth in love (and humor!) like few I have ever known.  As we were chatting over iced coffee the other day, I shared with her how I love this crazy vine that grows in my backyard.  It positively screams “photo location!” to me, and thus, it’s taking over the deck.  (I suppose that if I were a “normal” person, I would have trimmed it long ago.  I think my husband sometimes wishes I WERE more “normal!”)  As I laughed with Debra about my “viney aspirations,” she offered to model for me.  She’s just sweet and adventurous like that!  Doesn’t she look beautiful?  Radiant from the inside out!  I’m looking forward to expanding my offerings to working with women.  More on that later!

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