Monthly Archives: February 2007

I never know what I’ll find…

…when I wake my daughter in the morning! This is what I found this morning. Best friends sharing a cuddle, tellingView full post »

Sometimes Being a Mom Can Be a Tough Job!

Most of us know something of the sacrifices a mom makes, whether we are moms ourselves or just happened to have one! WeView full post »

To think I knew him when…

…he was a rambunctious first-grader! Now “A” is a senior in high school. Still full of a zest forView full post »

What a way to bring in the new year

Chinese New Year, that is! (No, I’m not late, but early – for once.) My dd and I had the wonderful privilegeView full post »

There’s "Snow" Way…

…to describe with words what a few flurries do for my little girl! So I’ll let the pictures speak forView full post »