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Illusion de Sirène ~ Fine Art Portraiture, Cape Coral, Florida and Dallas, Texas

Delighted that Sara was willing to enter the waters of the Gulf in her lovely dress, I knew we’d capture somethingView full post »

Take Time To Enjoy the Little Things – Continued

Today has been an exciting day in our home!  Our two little cardinals are on the verge of leaving the nest.  WeView full post »

Another “Little Pleasure” with a Great Big Taste – Fine Art Photography, Allen, Texas

I was enjoying the company of a dear friend and perusing the shops of Watters Creek in Allen recently.  So many placesView full post »

Light, Glorious Light! – Fine Art & Portraiture, Dallas, Texas

Oh, how I love light!  My children, poor things, have had to put up with my frequent exclamations, “Oh, look atView full post »

Autumn Joy! Fine Art Photography, Dallas, Texas

Autumn has always been my favorite season.  There’s nothing like the glow of warm colors, the crisp freshness inView full post »

Yes, I Cooked!!! A Little More Food Photography

My poor, hungry family has been longing for real food lately.  It seems our schedules take us in every possibleView full post »

A Joy of Summertime – Fine Art Photography

Just wanted to share some summertime joy today! Fresh, juicy blueberries that were the peak of perfection!View full post »

Have you considered gallery wrapped canvases?

I’ve heard it a number of times recently: “I LOVE my images!” (and then, with a blush…) “IView full post »

High School Seniors – some of my favorite portrait subjects!

Meet the lovely Miss B. She has a huge heart and desires to help others through some experiences she’s alreadyView full post »

A Sneak Peek I’ve been dying to share!

For the photographers who so kindly keep up with me through my blog, have you ever had a session that you just wishedView full post »

New Things are Happening….

There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes at Debra Klawetter Photography these days! Watch for many newView full post »

A beautiful bride…

Two posts from me in one day – I think I’m going for a record here! But you can see why I was motivated toView full post »


Another foray into macro fine art – with my birthday roses!View full post »

Sometimes it’s the little things…

I love taking in details! I used to drive my family and friends nearly crazy, shouting at them to “Stop! Come lookView full post »

Happy Mother’s Day!

Here’s to all moms! Though sometimes it’s imperceivable, know that you making an immeasurable difference inView full post »