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Another Lovely Lady – Romantic Portraiture for Women, Dallas

How can one person be so blessed?  This young woman is such a special person in my life!  I’ve introduced youView full post »

Welcome to Sei Bella Studios, LLC! Portrait Photography and Weddings, Dallas, Texas

Welcome to the first post on my new blog!  If you’re a long-time follower, you may have noticed that things lookView full post »

The Beach Session Album – A New Offering!

If you know me well, you know my heart is at the beach.  It’s unfortunate that we’re a bit landlocked hereView full post »

Can You Help? A Great (and Personal) Cause

Hi, friends! Those of you who have followed my blog know that I don’t usually use it as a place to solicit, butView full post »

Teen Identity…Something I Can Get Behind

I’ve been reading the past few weeks about an organization called Teen Identity, founded by Atlanta photographerView full post »

Hysterics at the Junior Senior Banquet

Now, the Junior Senior Banquet at LCA (Lucas Christian Academy) is an elegant, somewhat serious affair in most respectsView full post »

Have you considered gallery wrapped canvases?

I’ve heard it a number of times recently: “I LOVE my images!” (and then, with a blush…) “IView full post »

A New Offering – Short, But Oh-So-Sweet Senior Sessions!

Several of you have asked, and we listened! At Debra Klawetter Photography, our tradition is to customize every portraitView full post »

Just a little photographer humor…

…to brighten your day! Copyright Aaron Johnson, 2008. Used by permission, of course!View full post »

Senior Style

If you’re a high school senior with a desire for a truly custom senior portrait session, I’d love to hearView full post »

New Things are Happening….

There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes at Debra Klawetter Photography these days! Watch for many newView full post »

Introducing "All Through The Year!"

There are some years that are just so special, you want to remember every moment. Perhaps it’s the celebration ofView full post »

Bad, Bad Blogger

Okay, I need to live up to it…I’ve been a terrible, negligent blogger lately! In my defense, I’ve beenView full post »

I’m having so much fun!

And I’m loving the people I’ve gotten to work with this year! But….one photographer can only do soView full post »

Inspiration by the Bucketful!

Take 35 talented photographers, full of passion for their art, full of unique and wonderful approaches to working outView full post »